About Us

Shwmae! We are Rhinwedd. A clothing company based out of a rather small office in Cardiff Bay, Wales. We are passionate about all things Welsh and our mission is to create ethical and affordable clothing that is subtle but unmistakably Welsh.

We have always had an interest in our heritage, culture and language, but unfortunately, until recently, we did not have the opportunity to start learning to speak Welsh beyond the basics taught throughout school.

Whilst learning Welsh, we wanted to immerse ourselves as much as possible; from mugs to welcome mats, we tried to make sure we’d keep seeing the Welsh language to help us pick it up faster. One thing we couldn’t find was Welsh clothing that we could wear every day, everything we saw either had a huge, blazing red dragon or Wales written all over it. We started Rhinwedd to give people another option.

Our Journey

So our journey began to fill that gap and create great quality, unisex clothing that was subtly but proudly Welsh. We’ve searched high and low for ethical and premium garments that we are delighted to sell, whilst also making sure that we are having as little impact on the planet as possible.

We’ve made sure that all of our packaging, postcards and business cards are fully recyclable at a minimum. You can find out more about this on our Ethics page.

See our Ethics

All of our t-shirts and hoodies are printed, finished, packed and sent from Wales. Everything that heads out of the door is checked by us personally. We really want to make sure you’re happy with your purchases.

We are proud to be working towards a sustainable future and in an ethical way, and are always looking for new, intuitive ways to help reduce our footprint and create fairer products whilst keeping them affordable. We are also very proud to be Welsh and think our designs showcase the Welsh language and heritage in a way that’s not been done before. We hope you think so too.


You may have already guessed by now, but all of our original designs are inspired by “fy ngwlad”, my country, Wales. We’ve taken inspiration from Welsh language, heritage and culture, and mixed this with contemporary themes, inspired by the tattoo industry, to create products that people will want to wear that happen to be Welsh.

We want our clothes to have a strong link to Welsh traditions and culture. The “hiraeth” t-shirt utilises a backsplash of a traditional Welsh pattern that, combined with the word hiraeth itself (a word which loosely translates as a longing for home), gives you a strong sense of pride, but in a subtle way.

We love utilising what we are learning to create products that are both on-trend and represent something very important to us - Cymru!